DERIVATIVE SPECIES: Vampyroteuthis infernalis + Nautilus pompilius
AGE: 24
CLASS: Force Caster
PRONOUNS: she/they
ORIENTATION: nonbinary trans lesbian
A local bounty hunter (ie. a union freelancer with a magic gun and a leviathan hunting liscence) who settled down with her guild as a teenager under mysterious circumstances. Specializes in working with animals, whether that entails giant monster hunting, pest control, or mobile slaughter for local farms.

While she's a very kind and gentle woman, albeit with a few odd tendencies, Zeal is not particularly a social one, preferring to be alone with her carbuncle flock in general peace and quiet. That is, until she lets Hydra and Rainier crash in her guest room. Perhaps the three of them have a little more in common than they realize..?
- Sees Guildmaster Eileen as more a mother figure than a boss. Is not very public about this fact, but was a little comically insufferable about it when she was a teen under her care, earning her the honorary title of "guild princess".

- Carbuncles are a small, rabbit-like livestock animal with a leathery shell that condensates excess magic into horns and crystaline body armor. Zeal's flock in particular is a meat flock that she regularly takes from to sell or cook for herself, but she does have two incredibly spoiled show-buncles she keeps as pets.

- Her tail is docked short. Both as a cutesy fashion statement and for workplace safety reasons because she kept tripping over it. A little worse at swimming as a result, but she thinks the tradeoff is worth it.