DERIVATIVE SPECIES: Hexanchus griseus + Bathynomus giganteus
AGE: 23
CLASS: Non-Mage
PRONOUNS: he/she
ORIENTATION: nonbinary butch lesbian
Formerly ran a moving company-slash-planetskimmer repair shop with her mother, Lou. He's since completely uprooted his life and left his country a wanted fugitive after his "kidnapping" of Hydra of Jormun... who was plotting an escape with her anyways and also happens to be her girlfriend.

Rainier is not outwardly the most friendly or welcoming person, having a very short bandwidth for people other than a select few close friends and family. To said friends and family, though, she is incredibly caring and devoted to keeping them safe at any cost. Currently holed up with Hydra in the home of a mysterious local bounty hunter...
- Very, very intelligent in the field of automotive and aerospace engineering, and tends to bury himself in his work for days at a time for fun and profit and is tentatively eyeing the guild hangars for work. Has named his beloved souped up planetskimmer like the car dweeb he is. (NAME PENDING)

- While he has almost no training in magic, he does have some particularly elemental-y tendencies: namely, being unusually resistant to heat, cold, and high voltages. Has freaked people out grabbing live wires with her bare hands and going iceberg-field diving for shellfish in swim trunks more times than he can count.

- Has a pretty sizable greenhouse of very well taken care of food crops tucked away in a corner of his planetskimmer. Learned how to garden out of necessity, but does enjoy it enough to talk to his plants.