Hydra of Jormun
DERIVATIVE SPECIES: Eptatretus stoutii + various Dugesia/Psuedoceros flatworms
AGE: 23
CLASS: Wild Organic Catalyst
PRONOUNS: she/her
ORIENTATION: femme lesbian cis..? who knows.
Eldest child of the matriarch of House Jormun, a dwindling old guard of fascists currently trying to choke every power around them into submission in a bid to keep themselves afloat. Was coerced into the position of crown princess because of the queen's ailing health despite her outspoken hatred of the House, and is now on the run with her beloved girlfriend Rainier.

Considering everything, Hydra is surprisingly very cheery and optimistic about her newfound freedom. She has an incredibly magnetic personality and revels in befriending and partying with new people everywhere she goes, although those that she's truly close to may see occasional cracks in this hedonistic facade. Currently living with Rainier at Zeal's house after a planetside landing for supplies.
- Her "runny egg" eye is a result of a fall she took off of Rainier's planetskimmer before they landed. Nobody's quite sure how she lived that one other than her regeneration magic. She's always been kind of nearsighted and needed glasses, but that on top of everything else didn't help things.

- Her split tails, on the other hand, were actually cosmetic choice her parents made when she was very little and her tail was first budding. Kind of like piercing a baby's ears, but it leaves them predisposed to back issues later sometimes.

- While she isn't much of a fighter, her and her younger brother were both classically trained in swordfighting, even if it was mostly for fancy ornamental purposes. Still puts her training to good use at times, as shes able to solidify whatever weapon she needs out of her tail slime.